Source: Freepik Copyright: freepik URL: License: Licensed by JMIR Almost one-third of students reported spending at least 3.5 hours each day playing games. Most of these “heavy” gamers did not report any well-being issues, with nearly half reporting better well-being than those who play games to a lesser extent or not at all. A small proportion (1 in 12 students) reported low well-being and loss of control over gaming. They were more likely to be female and mobile phone gamers with a history of aggressive behavior, anxiety, or experience of abuse. A new study published by University of Oxford researchers in the open-access journalRead More →

Source: Adobe Stock Copyright: rawpixel URL: License: Licensed by the authors Findings reveal that 67% of users with obesity or overweight lost at least 5% of their starting weight within 6 months OCTOBER 4, 2022 at 10:45 a.m. EDT—INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA: LifeOmic, a software company leveraging the cloud, machine learning, and mobile devices to power precision health and wellness solutions, today unveiled findings from a landmark intermittent fasting (IF) study conducted with scientists from Indiana University School of Medicine. The study, published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth, quantifies user retention, fasting patterns, and weight loss in users of LifeOmic’s LIFE Apps suite of mobile apps:Read More →

Source: Stocksy Copyright: ZHPH Production URL: Licensed by the authors   Results illustrate the promise of psychiatric care via a telehealth platform to address suicidal ideation, highlighting the efficacy of Brightside Health’s care model and approach to precision prescribing. SAN FRANCISCO, CA—September 30, 2022: Brightside Health, a telemedicine platform that offers timely access to personalized treatment, expert providers, and ongoing support for a range of mental health concerns, announced today the publication of a study to examine the impact of a telepsychiatric care platform on reduction in suicidal ideation (SI) over time. The peer-reviewed research, “Telehealth-Supported Decision-making Psychiatric Care for Suicidal Ideation: Longitudinal ObservationalRead More →

Source: iStock/Constant Therapy Copyright: iStock/Constant Therapy URL: License info: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Study Evaluated the Feasibility of Long-term Home-Based Digital Cognitive Therapy for Patients With Alzheimer Disease With Mild Cognitive Impairment and Mild Dementia LEXINGTON, Mass. – September 12, 2022 – Constant Therapy Health, a brain health digital therapeutics company, announced today the publication of a feasibility study of its Constant Therapy digital cognitive therapy platform in JMIR Formative Research, titled, “Home-Based Electronic Cognitive Therapy in Patients With Alzheimer Disease: Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial.” The study, conducted by the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and Department of Behavioral Neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine, in collaborationRead More →

Source: Image created by Leuko Labs, Inc. Copyright: Leuko Labs, Inc. URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) PointCheck, a novel technology for noninvasive, home-based neutropenia detection, can be safely and effectively operated by first-time users. A mean system usability scale (SUS) score of 86.1 was obtained, indicating excellent perception of usability. Boston, Massachusetts. Leuko (Leuko Labs Inc), a development-stage medical device company dedicated to creating noninvasive ways to monitor blood cells, today announced that data from its patient usability study ( NCT04448314) has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. “The publication of positive results from our study demonstrates the ease of useRead More →

Source: Pexels Copyright: Ketut Subiyanto URL: License: Licensed by JMIR First-of-its-kind research highlights the critical and immediate need for pediatric behavioral health support for working caregivers PALO ALTO, Calif., August 18, 2022—Brightline, the category leader in virtual behavioral health care for children, adolescents, and families, today announced the first peer-reviewed research demonstrating quantifiable links among pediatric stress, family connection, and caregiver productivity at work. Published in JMIR Formative Research, the study underscores the growing challenges working caregivers face in managing their children’s behavioral health and their careers. Alongside the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the “silent crisis” of the ongoing pediatric mental health emergency has had direRead More →

Source: Free Digital Photos Copyright: a454 URL: License: Licensed by JMIR   A self-paced digital health program has potential to help survivors of childhood cancer build healthy lifestyle behaviors.    Around 750 children are diagnosed with cancer in Australia each year. Thankfully, advancements in treatments have led to rising survival rates. However, for survivors of childhood cancer, recovery can continue long after treatment has concluded. Often, survivors can experience health complications because of their cancer and cancer treatments, some of which may not show up until years down the track. Poor health behaviors today can exacerbate the risk of effects in later life, including cardiovascularRead More →